Thursday, October 13, 2011

hocus pocus.

Getting adjusted to moving into my new apartment. Hocus Pocus, Mediterranean Hummus and carrots is a perfect day to end a hectic Thursday. Cheers!

(silk vintage kimono, mesh long-sleeve blouse: american apparel, hot pants: american apparel, vintage wool wide-brim hat)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


here it is

Some images that I found scattered throughout my computer that have been inspiring me lately. Hopefully they will inspire you as well! X

(via tumblr, random images)


Dead on. I love the macabre setting this editorial has. The styling, lighting and choice of location fits perfectly with the blacks, florals and the pops of red tulle. I'm infatuated with the image of the lady facing straight-on as the red fog lingers. 

(via coute que coute)

Helped model for a good friend, Zeynep on my birthday. It wasn't necessarily planned that way either which is the funny thing. It just happened organically. It was such a fun experience not only working with her but also modeling with one of my best friends, Janique.

CLICK HERE to view them!

Thursday, October 6, 2011



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nun van soon

 Wednesdays: watching episodes of pokemon that consist of epic battle porportions of gengar, silk kimonos and 5 1/2 inch platforms, my bicycle (which has not been named yet).

the netherlands

Random collaging done last semester in my Fashion Design 1 class. It was used to stir up ideas and inspiration for our first assignment which was to pick any area around the world you wanted and manifest your own original 6 piece collection. I chose the Netherlands. With emphasis on Amsterdam and Holland. It was such a long, creatively- draining process but ridiculously fun and rewarding.


It's been over a year since I've "blogged." This use of space has become somewhat archaic. Times have changed where self-vanity and superficial daily habits have slowly subsided into something more substantial and productive in everyday life. Admittedly, I do miss the spontaneous blog posts of muses, up-and-coming designers and most importantly a place to freely express my current inspiration and thoughts. Let's try this again!